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All have a strong will to live; all feel joy
​and pain, all crave safety and companionship.

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Thank you for visiting. This is an independent website with no affiliation to an organization. Nothing is being sold and no profits are ever made. We just want
​to help inform, encourage, educate, and inspire all to consider the impact of some of our most crucial daily choices.

This website originally started as one page for easy access
to the "Why Vegan" brochure, then expanded to provide
more comprehensive information. Designed to be very
easy to read, this website and brochure include lots
of pictures, only information from ​reliable sources,
and quotes from prominent leaders and other inspired
folks ​who live by doing the least harm possible (vegan).

Most of us living in developed countries were raised eating animal products.
We have assumed this was normal, natural, and necessary. As Melanie Joy points out, we never questioned why we consider a few animals as "food," whose bodies and lives are just used as units of production, while all other animals are admired as sentient beings, with interests of their own and an inherent right to live free. Despite the fact that humans have been eating animals for thousands
​of years, mountains of scientific evidence has proven that plant-based nutrition is the healthiestwhile animal products pose great health and environmental risks. 

We marvel at the beauty and freedom of wild life. Many are fiercely opposed towards cruelty to animals. We cheered when Nemo, the fish in the movie
​with the same name, was saved. We are thrilled when a baby elephant is rescued from drowning in a well. We are horrified when great beasts such as Cecil the lion are killed by trophy hunters, because that's just killing for pleasure.
Dear friends, when we justify eating animals for pleasure we also justifying killing for pleasure.

Then one day our perspective shifts and we begin to wonder why we love and respect some animals yet eat and commodify others. We ask: Is there a moral, ethical, or value-based difference between the animals we love and the animals we eat? Throughout history, some of the most brilliant minds have realized what millions of people throughout the world now agree:No, there is no moral, ethical, or value-based difference of LIFE among all species of sentient being." 
In fact, every life has inherent value. We realize that the very act of eating others' flesh or excretions is in opposition to our core values. Then we stop, think, and shift our behaviors. We embark on an exciting, delicious, compassionate, life-affirming adventure. An inner conflict previously ignored no longer exists as we contribute in essential ways to living in a peaceful world.

The tenets of veganism are as deep and wide as the
Pacific Ocean. People take varied pathways to begin
living this way. Ultimately, these paths lead to the
same ​place: where we honor the inherent value
and ​right to life of every sentient being. 

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