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"A Farm Sanctuary is a place where animals who have been abused, neglected or abandoned in commercial farming institutions can live out their lives in a peaceful environment, where they are cherished and properly cared for. Animals in factory farms often collapse under the pressure of their failing health and agonizing living conditions. They do not receive medical attention because it is cheaper to let them slowly die. Those fortunate enough to enter a sanctuary can leave this nightmare behind."

10 Best Sanctuaries in the World

"More ethical than zoos, sanctuaries offer a chance to see animals in more natural and comfortable surroundings. They also make a great stop on a traveling trip and some rescue centers have even been founded by former travellers. Here are ten inspirational not-for-profit animal sanctuaries that promise an educational, interesting and uplifting visit. Many of these centres are also actively seeking volunteers, which might be an option for those looking for a more rewarding travel experience."

Wildlife Sanctuaries and Refuges
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Rowdy Girl Sanctuary:
Rancher's Vegan Wife Saves Cattle

CBS News

How a cattle rancher was transformed into a vegan?
Tommy Sonnen found himself inspired by his wife, Renee,
when she transitioned to living vegan. She saved all of his
cows from slaughter. Steve Hartman went ​'On the Road'
​to find out what happened next.

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