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Sanjay Gupta interviews 100-year-old physician, Ellsworth Wareham. Ellsworth credits much of his health and longevity to a plant-based diet.

Healthy Tips and Recipes for Institutions from The Vegetarian Resource Group

Accommodating Vegans in Assisted-Living Facilities
By Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD
     As the population over 50 increases, we will see more and more assisted-living operations. Of course, these facilities will have to meet their clients’ various dietary needs and desires. This is where it can get difficult for the food service operator. It’s relatively easy to prepare 200 vegetarian entrées or 50 non-vegan desserts. It gets more complicated when you’re trying to please a mixed audience with limited cooking staff or cooking space.



Eating More Meat, Dairy, and Other Unhealthful  Foods Leads to Worse Aging

April 17, 2013
      After an average 16-year follow-up, people who consumed a “Western-type” diet, including a high intake of red and processed meats, whole dairy products, and fried foods, were more likely to die prematurely and to suffer from various chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and mental health disorders, compared with people who avoided such dietary patterns. Researchers analyzed data from 5,350 participants and scored dietary patterns using the Alternative Healthy Eating Index (AHEI) to assess disease risk. People with better AHEI scores had better overall health outcomes as they aged.
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How to Slow Brain Aging by Two Years

Telomeres: Cap It All Off With Diet

Is the reversal of cellular aging Dr. Dean Ornish demonstrated with lifestyle changes due to the plant-based diet, the exercise or just to the associated weight loss?


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The consumption of blueberries and strawberries is associated with delayed cognitive aging by as much as 2.5 years, thought to be because of brain-localizing anthocyanin phytonutrients, as shown on functional MRI scans.


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