Heart-Centered Humans for Animals' Rights and Protection

HARP for Animals​



Graphic Content: Read Before Proceeding

Some of these images are disturbing and may not be suitable for minors or those not ready to face the truth about commodifying animals and other sentient beings.

The content in the pages of Animal Industries depicts honest images of what happens to nonhuman species who are commodified for human use. Everything contained in these pages depicts circumstances that are legal, common,
and widespread. Farmed animals are
not offered the same protection as pets.
If they were, animal agriculture would
​have to end. 

Please be aware that these pages are
intended to educate and inform in the
most honest way possible. Great care
has been taken, and every page has been
​constructed from thorough research of reliable sources.

Modern science has been driven by our desire to live longer, healthier lives. We can do the same for all lives, and be kind stewards of all species. Humans can create a peaceful planet,
​even amidst nature's cycles of birth, existence, and death.

We should never turn away from the needless suffering we cause others. While life and death are inseparable, we have the great potential to do good.