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HARP for Animals​

​​"Carnisim is an ideology that conditions us to eat certain animals while we love and respect other animals. Carnism is shaped by the same mentality that enables other

Cruelty and oppression are qualities of antiquated cultures, whereas freedom and caring
for others are cornerstones 
​of modern, civilized societies.

Adapted from ‘Carnism’ by Melanie Joy, author of 
Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows. 
​(2010, Red Wheel/Weiser).

societal oppressions. Meat eating is not necessary for survival, it’s a choice; and our choices always stem from our beliefs. Addressing the nature of carnism will help create a more just social order.”

"A plant-based diet is based upon an awareness of the origins and impacts of the foods we purchase and consume. Removing animal products from our diet 


           Social Justice

Will Tuttle speaking at the Health, Healing & Happiness Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7, 2014 (6 min.).

alleviates the ‘violence on our plates’ and we understand our actions do make a difference. With every meal, we no longer participate in the suffering and environmental destruction that we naturally want to prevent."


As a civilized, progressive, and free society we support social justice initiatives and animal protection laws so that all can live free, be safe, and prosper. In this context, we explore the fundamental contradiction between social justice and consuming animal products or supporting animal industries.

The Secret Reason We Eat Meat: Melanie Joy, PhD

Adapted from The World Peace Diet  
(2005, Lantern Books, p. 196) by Will Tuttle.

Melanie Joy,PhD, Ed.M

Harvard-educated psychologist, celebrated
international speaker, and prolific author.

Will Tuttle, PhD

Author, composer, and international lecturer.