Leading scientists agree that animal agriculture
       is the leading cause of all environmental
       destruction and species extinction. 
Resource Usage
       The energy deficits from animal agriculture.

Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

       Confined animal feeding operations and pollution.

Threats to Wildlife
        Natural habitats and millions of wild lives destroyed
        to used land for livestock and to eliminate predators. 


            Dispelling misconceptions that commodifying or killing
        others for food could ever be considered humane.

Age at Slaughter

        Chart with the age at slaughter vs. natural lifespans.

Love One Yet Eat The Other?
        In reality, the animals that become food are
​        fundamentally the same as those we call our pets.

How Many Killed (world-wide)


      How animal industries operate.

Bees & The Scoop on Honey

Chickens for Meat

Cows for Meat

Dairy: Milked for Market

Eggs; Hatching the Truth

Fish / Sea Lives

Foie Gras – Gavage

How Many Killed Every Year

​Leather, Fur, Silk, Wool

Pigs for Meat



Zoos, Circuses, Wildlife Tourism

​​​​​​​​​HARP HOME
      Intro to HARP site and "Why Vegan" brochure link.

Survey: How Do You Perceive Animals 

About HARP

      Numerous videos, most about 10 minutes or less,
      featuring leaders dedicated to inspiring humane living
      efforts throughout the world and educational documentaries. 


Living Vegan Successfully

3-step process to transition to a plant-based diet.

Nutrition Guidelines 
All nutrients needed and food sources. Recommendations      
        of plant-based replacements for all animal products.

Nutrients We Need
        Focused on nutrients assumed to be only- or mostly-      

        available in animal products. 

Plenty of Protein
        Charts of protein in plant foods. What comprises protein
        and how much we need. 

Recipe Websites 
Varieties of food for different lifestyles and preferences.

Food Replacements for Animal Products
        Plant-based dairy, chicken, beef, pork, turkey, eggs.

Dining Out 
National guides, phone apps, restaurants and stores.

Kid's Corner
           Plant-based nutrition is best for everyone!

Products & Doctors 
       List of numerous companies providing vegan-friendly products.

Doing Our Best
A heart-warming video by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.

Advocate for Good
Ways to help educate and inspire others.


        History and explanation of  the term "vegan."
        Link to  the  "Why Vegan" brochure.

​       Empathy is the seed of compassion. Meet animals, fowl, and
       fish, discover their social natures, their unique intelligences.        They need to live free, just like us!

  Why do we have less respect for those who are different
        from us, and disregard their interests in life?

Choices & Beliefs
​        How we are conditioned to eat certain species while 
​        loving and respecting other species. "Our choices always 
​        stem from out beliefs" (Melanie Joy, PhD).

Social Justice
        Food inequities throughout the world and intensive 
        amounts of waste and pollution typically affect
        low-income communities. 

Omnivore or Herbivore?
        Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa presents evidence regarding 
        why humans are herbivores (plant-eaters).

Paleo: Yes or No?

       What the science says, by Dr. Michael Greger
       of NutritionFacts.org.

Health Risks to Humans
       Livestock production and consuming animal products
       are extremely destructive to our health.

Do Plants Have Feelings?
       Researchers find plants respond to their environment
       and have developed survival "instincts."

Q & A
       Common questions answered.

Random Quotes
       Thoughts and perspectives from numerous people.

Declaration of Animal Rights
      What is meant by animal "rights?"
      Why is it important to understand these rights?


Heart-Centered Humans for Animals' Rights and Protection

HARP for Animals​