Claim: Every being is born to die.
Truth: NO we are not.

We are born to live, to experience life.
Death is a consequence of being alive, yes, but not the purpose of being born. However, farmed animals were born to die. Correction: They are born via artificial insemination
​to be brutally slaughtered. 
      These living, breathing, sentient beings with all the innate capacities to enjoy life, have friends, and fulfill their natural instincts, are denied their purpose in being born.
This is one of the most fundamental reasons why animal agriculture and all other commodification of sentient beings is wrong.

"When I finally realized how wrong it is
​to turn sentient beings into commodities
was the day a new chapter opened in my life. A conflict ended that I didn't know I had. A part of my heart emerged from being hidden.

      I realize now that all beings deserve to live free from human harm. The oppressive nature of turning animals into food, or using their bodies as units of production, became aberrations of nature. A pathway unfolded that I now walk on, being at peace with my choices.

     There is no rationalization that will ever be more important than the simple act of being kind; showing mercy to those who are at our mercy."

— Admin @ HARP for Animals

"Animals are not just other species.
They are other nations.
And we murder them at our peril.
The peace map is drawn on a menu.
Peace is not just the absence of war.
It is the presence of Justice.
Justice must be blind to race,
color, religion or species.
If she is not blind,
she will be a weapon of terror."
— Philip Wollen
​Founder, Winsome Constance Kindness Foundation 

"We are given this beautiful life
and the ability to think and reason.

Are we really meant to blindly follow
a directive, only as interpreted by some, that goes against our own conscience
​and good reasoning?
Our conscience and innate sense
of kindness need no justification.
These are gifts and scriptures of the heart, written in universal language.

When we finally understand it is unethical to turn an innocent sentient being into a commodity, as this takes away his/her freedom and ultimately puts them in harms way, then living vegan becomes a moral imperative,
​and more than just a choice." 



Pigs and Humans:

Perception, Similarities, and Kindness

     What about the differences in perception people have between farmed animals, especially pigs, and the animals people love and respect, such as dogs and cats? Humans have historically been driven towards those who are most like them, towards creatures they perceive as beautiful, while feeling disdain even hatred towards others who are different. Deformed people face the same prejudice, yet we know that inside everyone is the same, and all deserve our respect. Ironically, pigs appearance has garnered enormous judgement from humans; pigs look SO different from us! Even language reflects this prejudice, just call someone a pig and find out.

     Yet isn't nature the great trickster, creating this incredibly playful, intelligent, gentle, and social species that are so much like us, they are often sadly and horrifically used for research. When we "see" with our heart, we see past differences. We may not know the purpose of other species (most don't even know their own purpose) and perhaps their purposes are none of our business.

     We should not have to know another's purpose to understand the importance of being kind. Kindness should just be who we are without justification.

~ HARP for Animals

Heart-Centered Humans for Animals' Rights and Protection

HARP for Animals​