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"The rainforests are the lungs of our planet. They produce much of
​the oxygen we need. Additionally, and certainly not of less importance, up to 137 plant, animal, and insect species are lost EVERY DAY due to rainforest destruction. (www.cowspiracy.com/facts)

"Grass-fed cows take a lot longer to grow to 'slaughter weight', and thus produce far more waste, methane, and CO2 than factory farmed cows. Per a Penn State University article, each pound of grass-fed beef produces 500 percent more greenhouse gases than grain-fed. They also use far more water, due to the longer time it takes them to grow to slaughter weight.

"Let's not forget the indigenous wildlife that is wiped out to make room for cattle grazing. Here in the USA, wild horses, burros, wolves, deer, bears, and many other species are systematically slaughtered by the government for the benefit of cattle ranchers. 

"Maybe the grass-fed (grazing) cows suffer less day to day, but ultimately they all die alone and terrified in the same slaughterhouses as factory farm cows, many of them still conscious when they have their throats slit and are hung up to bleed out. They also all die essentially as children, living only a small percentage of their natural lifespan."

People continue to look for the 'right ways' to do
the wrong things. A plant-based diet causes vastly
less harm to animals, the planet, and our bodies.

In Which is Greener: Grass-fed or Grain-fed Beef? Cassandra Profita writes: "There’s a lot to consider:  Water consumption, methane gas emissions, the impacts of growing grain for feed, transportation impacts, air and water quality impacts from feed lots … the list goes on."



By J. Rosenberg

"Isn't grass-fed beef ok? Don't the cows suffer less and isn't it better for the environment?

"Where does all the land come from for these billions of cows to graze? A grain-fed cow will require three acres of land, while a grass-fed cow requires nine acres. Where is all of this land coming from? We can thank South America, in large part, for graciously converting their rainforests to cattle-raising land.
​The rainforests, by most reliable estimates, are being converted (destroyed) at a rate 30 acres PER MINUTE.