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 When we commodify another, we  assign an artificial value to his or her life that is based upon their utility to serve our needs. This value is not based upon theirsentience, uniqueness as an individual, or the inherent value of their irreplaceable life.

Cage-Free Chicken Farm

When a sentient being becomes a commodity
she or he loses their freedom and is 
​ultimately put into harm’s way,
​and all are slaughtered.

A few of the physical alterations
performed with no pain relief:

• Piglets have their teeth removed, tails cut, ear edges cut; male piglets have their testicles removed – all done without
pain relief.[7]

Cows have their horns removed, are branded with burning
​hot brands; male calves have their testicles removed, with no pain relief.[8]

 Dairy calves are taken from their mothers quickly after birth, many males are discarded as a 'by-product' so humans get their mother's milk. Other male calves raised for veal, are isolated in
​small huts with no social contact and very little room to move. Mother cows and their calves display extreme distress and agony, often for many days after they are separated.[9]

 Baby chicks are de-beaked.Half of their very sensitive beaks seared off with a hot blade, with no pain relief. This prevents damage from aggressive pecking, which occurs from intensive confinement.[10]
• Turkeys are de-beaked and de-toed to minimize dangers of attacking each other in crowded, intensive confinement.[11]


Cattle feedlot near Bakersfield, CA, USA

Howard Lyman is author of "Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won't Eat Meat" and "No More Bull." Howard was a fourth-generation cattle rancher who nearly died from health complications due to conventional chemical-farming practices and the standard American diet. Howard is also outspoken on the pervasive, severe environmental damage from all animal agriculture. Living vegan saved his life while his perspective on life transformed into one of compassion for all living creatures. 

Harold Brown, Founder of Farm Kind

If these were dogs, people would be outraged.

All male chicks in the egg industry are killed, (including hatched for 'backyard hens') since they cannot lay eggs and are considered useless. They are either ground up alive, suffocated and squashed into plastic bags, or gassed to death.[6]

V I O L E N C E 
"The intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in, or has a high likelihood of resulting in, injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment, or deprivation.[1] 
​— World Health Organization

Free-Range farm

Male calves, babies confined shortly after birth to
​live alone, with no socialization, and hardly room to move.

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" 'Never again' is not about what ​others should not do to us. ​'Never again' means that we must never again perpetrate mass atrocities against other living beings."[12]

                          — Alex Hershaft


This would be illegal if done to pets.

Chicks sensitive beaks are seared and cut with a hot bladeto minimize damage done to each other in crowded conditions, as they have a natural instinct to peck. The agony from this procedure can linger for weeks and their beaks never grow normally.

Slaughter: “[Terrified] animals in slaughterhouses can smell, hear, and often see the slaughter of those before them. Pre-slaughter stunning can fail, and they remain conscious while being slaughtered.”[3] Some are still conscious when entering the scalding tank, and drown in agony.[4]

All farmed animals are  slaughtered when still very young, living  only a fraction of their natural life.

 “Cage-free” and “free-range” chickens and turkeys are crammed in overcrowded, toxic environments. No legal regulations govern "humane" labels [5] which are inherently, intentionally deceitful.
 Raising "backyard hens" supports industrial farming and exploitation of chickens. Please read: Five Reasons Why Owning Backyard Chickens
Is For The Birds.

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“All my life I had observed the community that existed in a cow herd, how they grieved for a dead calf or herd mate that had been shot by a deer hunter. I had witnessed the joy a cow experiences when she is let out into a fresh new pasture or calves running and kicking up their heels with each other in the field.

I now know for certain that regardless of the rationalizations I had created, when ​I killed an animal and saw that light leave their eyes, by extinguishing that divine spark, I had broken a sacred trust."
​— Harold Brown 

Harold, a former cattle rancher and dairy farmer, shares his transition: "Back in the day I raised animals with kindness and tenderness, but how did I show them mercy? In my experience, there is no such thing as humane animal products, humane farming practices, humane transport, or humane slaughter."

Male calves, babies confined shortly after birth to
​live alone, no socialization, hardly room to move.

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examines the realities   behind the food industry.  ​

No legal regulations govern "humane" labels.[5]

​Male calves pay the ultimate price for dairy.
Shortly after birth male calves are either killed for cheap meat ("bob") or raised as veal to live isolated in hutches. They are fed a low-iron diet so their flesh ​is pale, then slaughtered when just a few months old. Calves are naturally playful and social, and would form a strong bond with their mothers. Veal calves never have the chance to enjoy the comfort of their mothers; they never have a chance to enjoy their lives. 


Alex Hershaft is among the various holocaust survivors featured in this video. After visiting a slaughterhouse many years ago, he became an animal activist and co-founder of 
Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)

• “Even [many of] the very few organic and small farms abuse animals in ways that would be
​illegal if done to dogs or cats.”  
~ Humanefacts.org

•​ Lack of Natural Freedoms: Farmed animals are deprived of experiencing life in accordance with all of their ​natural instincts.   

Howard Lyman: From Cattle Rancher to Vegan (48 min.)

•  All farmed animals, regardless
of farm size, are subjected to
traumatic physical alterations 
for purposes of identification and
​to reduce risks of hurting each other, as they are kept in unnatural, crowded environments.[2]