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CLICK ON THE LOAF to design your own  vegan dinner loaf!  Created by Jennifer McCann for the Vegan Lunch Box Blog

Tracye's website, By Any Green Necessary, is packed with heart-healthy, vegan recipes for main dishes, soups and salads, drinks, side dishes, sauces, and desserts. Tracey has been featured by many news and media organizations, such as
The Washington Post, Black Enterprise, Ebony, NPR Essence,
​FOX News, CBS News, and others. 

Dr. Ruby Lathon's "Veggie Chest" videos feature numerous, delicious plant-based recipes anyone can make at home.
Veggie Chest" airs on The Food Channel.

Chef. A.J. presents "Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Using Sugar at the Portland VegFest in 2013. Visit nwveg.org.

casseroles, stews, cheeses, global cuisine, desserts, salads, and more! Try this Black Bean Burger with Cilantro Lime Sauce. (Pictured)

One Green Planet is a comprehensive website with sections of varied, outstanding, amazing recipes. Veg-based 'meats,' 

Univ. of California,    
​ Davis, Integrative   Medicine​​ Recipes

From http://engine2diet.com/blog/category/recipes:

"Engine 2 recipes are familiar, American plant-strong version of the foods you and your family love. Enjoy delicious plant-strong meals by exploring and preparing some of these recipes with your family!"

By Dr. Joseph Adams, pages chock full of recipes
​and eating strategies to help us enjoy healthy, delicious food adventures every day!

"...by design, technically, but by instinct, always. The term “raw food diet” refers to the consumption of foods that haven’t been cooked or treated at temperatures above 105-115 degrees. Above this temperature food, and especially the enzymes in the food, begin to degrade.  Therefore, adding a greater percentage of raw foods into your diet can have amazing health benefits." ~ Amie Sue

RECIPES that include products crafted by the owners of Follow Your Heart,® a natural foods store and café in Canoga Park, California. Follow Your Heart®  creates their own "branded vegan products, 

"On this blog we share recipes targeted toward the transitioning vegan, entertainment ideas,
​and tips for inspired and soulful living."
​All kinds of food, from main dishes through desserts.

Miyoko Schinner: "Better than Grilled
Cheese: Recipes from Artisan Vegan
Satisfy your cheese cravings
with the most delicious cheeses made from ... watch the video to find out! Miyoko’s Creamery was the 2015 Veggie Award™ Winner for Product of the Year and fans' Favorite Artisanal Cheese. Miyoko sells an increasing line of specialty cheeses. "Handcrafted with love in California — for the animals, the planet, and your health." 

Real food for real people who really care.  

"As a sculptor finds their creation in a block of marble, so too does a chef find their dish...

Egg Replacements
​for Cooking & Baking

​in their state-of-the-art, ​solar-powered manufacturing facility called Earth Island®. "We are committed to demonstrating leadership in the ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities of operating a business. We are and always have been driven by passion and by a love of what we do."